Friday, August 20, 2010

Forget MS Office, Lotus Symphony 3 is Here

Microsoft Going rigorous, it is no wonder that MS Office is so expensive. But we care costs, a wide range of applications such as Word and Excel to serve professionally as well? However, in our country, the vast majority of systems using pirated versions of Office that costs almost nothing. Indeed, pirated DVDs are on sale at R 50 / or in Delhi and other metros. According to the study, Microsoft Office is one of the world of pirates. But it is not clear why people prefer buying pirated software, even if you can get free legal version of Office.

Yes, we are talking of Lotus Symphony, which is as good as MS Office and comes without any legal hitch. The pirated MS Office suite may work well initially and suit your purpose; but it will not give you access to free updates. As a result, when your system is infected with malicious spyware and Office operations are disrupted, you cannot expect any help from Microsoft’s tech support. Because, you own a pirated version of the suite and not the original one. So, it is only wise to get a free but original office suite from a reputed company like IBM rather than stick to the pirated version of MS Office. All you need is a high speed broadband connection to download Lotus Symphony from IBM’s website for free. The latest version of the software, Lotus Symphony 1.3 , is available at Moreover, it is compatible with almost every popular operating system, including Windows, Linux and Mac. The hardware requirements to run Lotus Symphony are also very basic. So, if your system is capable of running the latest version of MS Office, you can definitely use Lotus Symphony without a hitch. Once you have the software installed on your PC, you can run the World Processor, Spreadsheet and all other programmers that you get in the MS Office package.

There is no dearth of tech analysts who swear by this software application. Some of them even claim that is more stable than the MS Office suite. As Lotus Symphony is compatible with all versions of MS Office you can open MS Office files in Lotus Symphony, work on them and save them back in the MS doc format. The only glitch is the heavy download time. The programme  is really huge, as any Office suite is supposed to be, and judging by the way broadband speeds are in India, it may take you hours to download and install it.

But once you are through with the installation process, this programme will prove to be a real boon. Since its word processor is based o the Open Document Format (ODF) standard, it is not locked into proprietary file formats or limited by software licensing agreements. That will give you the freedom to tinker around and come up with software products to ease up your computing word. You can also opt for a host of free tools, plug-ing and upgrades. So, try out this feature-rich office suite today and you may never want to opt for any other application.



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