Monday, September 6, 2010

Enhance Power Point Presentations with SlideShare

What is the best way to come up with an impressive PowerPoint presentation? Just pic up a bunch of slides and throw them one after the other. For those who think this is the right way, think again. The truth is that this is probably the best  way to lise your client and your reputation as well. Even if you are not an expert in the process of creation a  PowerPoint presentaition, you can take help of webbased applications like slide share to have a good enought result. Basically, SlideShare is a presentation sharing site, which has in recent times transmogrified into being the world’s largest  Community for uploading of presentations and slideshows, here you can upload your presentation in the PowerPoint,  PDF or Open Office formats. The maximum allowed file size is 100 MB. Just open the link and  You get introduced to a world of top quality PowerPoint presentations. if you are planning to create a new presentation,  then this could turn out to be adjust the right place for some inspiration. On the home page you will find a plethora of  Small icons that serve as links to various presentations that falls in the most popular category. If there is something  Specific that you are looking for, then you can browse through the various categories listed here. All the popular  Categories like health, finance, business, templates, gadgets, automotive, education, etc. are taken care of; so, it is quite likely that if you look carefully, you will be able to find the kind of presentation that you are looking for.

Once your presentation is ready, you can have it uploaded on SlideShare and share i with just about anyone, anywhere in the world. The process of uploading is really simple. Just sign up on the website by creating a username and password. You are also required to provide your e-mail address. After that you will be taken to the page where you can start uploading you files by clicking on the upload link. During the upload process, the blue progress bar will appear to keep you informed that the uploading process is going on in the background. The time taken for the process to be completed will depend on the file size and also on hwo fast your internet connection is. Nevertheless, don’t expect things to happen in a jiffy; you have to be patient.

SlideShare also gives you the option to decide who gets to see your presentation. The privacy icon is by default set ‘everyone’ and what means anyone who logs on the website can see it. But you can change the default option to ensure that it is only your contacts that are able to see the presentation. Another great thing about SlidShare is that is can be used to embed a slide show into you blog. When you are watching a slide show on the website, at the right hand side of the slideshow player, you will find a text box called ‘Embed onto your blog’. This text box has few lines of code in it. Just copy the code and paste it on your blog. The slide show will start appearing there instantly.



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