Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Play with the Bouncing Balls Google Doodle

Dennis Hwang designer of Google Doole brings bouncing balls doodle. Doodle Bouncing Ball is visible on the homepage of Google UK ( This time, Google's logo is actually a collection of some balls in different colors like red, blue. You can mouse on the Google logo space and see the balls in motion. You can play with the balls and enjoy the day on the home page of Google search.

A few days ago Google started a Doodle Doodle buckyball rotation was also encouraged. Doodle Doodle game Pac-Man played on Google.
Enjoy this Doodle Bounce Ball for the day. In contrast to previous doodles, doodle these inflatable balls are not passed on to other special day. It's just for fun.



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