Saturday, February 19, 2011

Auto-Set Size of YouTube Videos With Help of Smart Video Enlarger

Google Chrome now giving us option to auto-set size of YouTube videos with help of Smart Video Enlarger. If you use this extension, so you must double-click the video to switch to full screen mode. Scroll up and down to get the most appropriate size of the video player. Basically, there are a lot less in scale with the videos available on YouTube for luxury and reduce the size of the video. So Smart Video extension push to the limit.

Mouse wheel plays the lead role. Just use to define the size of the video on YouTube, by rolling in the ascent and descent. Once you have installed this extension, an icon is added next to the address bar. Open a YouTube video and make sure the smart scrolling mouse. YouTube video can be played in full screen by default. But if you rotate the mouse wheel, the size for description and comments will be reduced.

You can configure Intelli-mouse scroll settings. For example, you can set the minimum T of the video when the mouse wheel is declined. Click on the icon to configure the scaling video to your wishes. You must first adjust the ratio of the video scaling to set the maximum height of the video when it opens. Then put the video minimum height, scroll to the bottom of the window. Once you're OK with the settings, make sure the video size maximum and minimum, while scrolling up and down the page.


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