Monday, June 28, 2010

How to use MelZoo for fast search

So what search engine are you using nowdays? Chances are that you are using Google. There is no doubt that Google's capability of throwing up accurate search results is quite legendary. But there is one problem. Every time you click on a result to view the information, you have to click to Google to check out other links. This constant back and forth process of clicking can turn out to be quite tedious at times. That is where MelZoo comes in. This new entrant in the search arena packs enough features to shake up things in a big way. Once you get the hang of it, MelZoo may seem a much easier way of finding things on the Internet.

The home page is similar to what you find in Google. In fact, the home page is even emptier than what you observe in Google. There is just a box in the middle where you are supposed to input the search text and then there is an arrow on which you have to click. The next page that opens is vertically divided into two sections. On one side, the search results appear and on the other side, you can see what any individual link contains. The good thing is that you don't have to click on any link in order t o open it. Then moment your mouse cursor hovers over alink, its content will be showcased in the neighbouring window.

When you want to check out some other link, you can move the mouse cursor to it and it will open without any fanfare or problem. This way, you can go on searching through myriad links without going through the rigmarole of licking back and forth. All you need to do is to move your mouse over any particular link. The size of the two vertically divided windows is also adjustable. So if you need more space on the screen to see text or pictures from different websites. You can allocate more space to the relevant window, for opening a link over the entire screen; you can resort to the old fashioned way of double clicking on it.

Technically, the website is still in the beta stage, but it is working quite well. So, you can try it out.


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