Monday, July 26, 2010

Get 25 GB free space with Sky Drive

Why should you spend your hard earned money on storage devices when there is no dearth of free Cloud-based storage applications? Yes, shell out a huge sum on storage devices to keep additional data. Today, you can do all that and more - for free. Opt for SkyDrive, a Web-based application from the stable of Microsoft, which makes its foray into the relams of Cloud Computing. And this service provides as much as 25 GB of space fro free.

 To Sign up, you must have an acount with either Hotmail or Messenger of Xbox LIVE. In case you don't have an account with any of these, you can create one - a process that should not take nore than five munutes, ONce you have an account, you can sign up with SkyDrive and use its gargantuan Clud space to store your files. Agood thing about storing files in the Cloud is that you can access them from just about anywhere - be it your home or office. As your files are protected with a password, you can rest assured that they are completely safe.

To Start using SkyDrive, yu will have to log in at The home page of your SkyDrive account is quite uncluttered and you should have no problems in uploading the files. Click on the link 'Create Floder' and create as many folders as you require for storing your files in an organised manner. Once the folders are created, open them one by one and start adding files from your computer. Once unique thing about SkyDrive is that is will allow you to upload zipped folders as well. So if you have too many files that you want to save to one go, you can zip them on your system before uploading them to SkyDrive. Theoretically, you can save your entire My Douments folder by zipping it.

What's more, SkyDrive can also be used for networking and collaboration. You can save files in the public folder where anyone with a SkyDrive account can view the documents. Or you can share the folders with friends - so that only they can see your files and pctures. However, none but you can do a lot more once you get started -  tag yourself or your friends' snaps and launch elegant slideshows from folders packed with vibrant pictures. You can also drop pictures directly into your Live Photos Gallery. Your SkyDrive homepage is also geared to update you whenever any of your contacts opens up a file for public sharing and that is great news for networking junkies.

You can import contacts from any e-mail account by exporting them to a file on your SkyDrive accoutn. The bottom line - SkyDrive is not only meant for data storage, but it can also serve as a very efficient netwrking system, a la Facebook.


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