Saturday, August 21, 2010

Resize images automatically with Automator

Getting engaged in minor chores like resizing images manually can severely affect your productivity. But if you happen to be a Mac user, you can assign this task to Automator, an extremely efficient robotic assistant. It comes pre-installed with all latest versions of the Mac operating system and you can locate the nifty application in the ‘Applications’ folder. The interface will show a ‘Library’ column on the left. This is meant for selecting myriad tasks or other useful items. In the middle of the interface is the ‘Action’ column, where you will find a range of available actions or commands for the ‘option’ that you may choose. Towards the right is the workflow pane where you can build your ‘Workflow’. At the bottom of the interface is the ‘Information box’ that provider’s helpful guidance just in case you get stuck somewhere.

Here are the must follow steps, required to resize an image.
– Go to the ‘Applications’ folder and fire up the Automator. In the interface that opens, select the ‘Workflow’ template. Now, select and drag the ‘Copy Finder Items’ action to the Workflow area.

– You should also select the location where these files will be copied. However, make sure that the ‘Replace Existing Files’ checkbox remains unchecked. In this way, even if anything goes wrong in the workflow, you will not lose your originals.

– Now comes the second step and you have to add the ‘Scale Images’ action from the “Library’. You can accomplish this by dragging the action and selecting a size depending on your requirements.

– In case you wish to ensure that the images are saved in a Web-friendly format like JPEG, you can add the ‘Change Type of Images’ action from the ‘Library’.

– Now, the workflow has been created and you must save it to an easily accessible location. Also, while saving the workflow, you have to select ‘Application’ as the file type.

– Start using the application you have created. Select images in the ‘Finder’ section and drag them to the workflow application.

– Now, the images will be automatically resized. In order to access the resized images, go to the folder that you have created in Step II.

– And here is one last word before you dash to your Mac to try it out. This can be really useful for any amateur photographer, back from a vacation with loads of high-resolution pictures and keen to share them via networking sites. With resided images, you can save a lot of space and bandwidth. Smaller images also mean speedier upload and download time so that users can view your web page without the least hassle. So, go ahead and try it before uploading your next Web album of flickr or Picasa. 


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