Thursday, September 30, 2010

Google Phone Gallery allows you to easily compare Android Devices

Google Phone Gallery is implemented by Google that is a showcase for Android smartphones. Google Phone Gallery helps consumers decide which phone Android would be better for them through the process of comparing devices. The gallery, located at / phone that includes all the major manufacturers of Android with most companies sell their phones. Google Search, Google Android Market and mobile services like Google Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps are included in all phones in the gallery.

Gallery is limited to a few countries like U.S., Australia, Great Britain, Brazil, France and Germany, etc, but Google will come out this gallery for more countries and more devices soon. Mobile phones with Google services is listed in the gallery. Currently, the Australian portal covering only the HTC or Samsung phones, leaving many Android handsets from manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Asus Garmin, despite some of these producers will be available on international sites. Users can also report a bug in Google phone gallery on the link "Report a Problem" section at the bottom of the page. All problems, including missing information, inaccurate or incorrect phone images, problems with the site, etc. can be reported.


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Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..Mobiles

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