Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hide your Files in JPEG Pictures

It occurs occasionally that you desire some privacy for your individual documents, particularly your pictures; you just desire that no one-else could be adept to outlook your images, so you need to make those documents concealed for every individual on your scheme that will avert other ones to seek those files. When there arrives this concept in your brain that why you don’t conceal your images, then the second inquiry arises is that How to conceal files? Normally you can conceal by encrypting or password-protecting folders on your hard drive. But the simplest way is to conceal documents interior of JPEG images, and in the outcome unsuspecting viewers only glimpse pictures. This could be finished in Windows XP, Vista and furthermore in some other ones functioning systems. So the most significant inquiry is that How to conceal documents in JPEG pictures?

In alignment to response your inquiry that How to conceal documents in JPEG pictures? You have to pursue a sequence of directions and by following this you would be adept to conceal any of your individual document from anyone. It’s a superb procedure by following it’s completely unrealistic to find the file. You can’t state that it’s a new trick; possibly some of you currently knew about this, so it’s not for you but for those who are ignorant of this and would like to know.

So here the method begins. First thing you need is to have WinZip or WinRar established at your machine.
• First step is that you have to conceive a folder on your hard propel i.e., C:\Test and drag the documents you desire to conceal into that folder along with the likeness that you will going to use for concealing the documents in.

• After this you have to choose all the documents that you desire to conceal (not the picture) and by banging the right button choose the choice to add them to compressed ZIP or RAR  document and give it a name(e.g. Hidden.rar).

• Now you should have a folder having the following named files that is a JPG image, and a compressed archive.

• Now the most interesting thing go to Command prompt by clicking on Start/Run/CMD You would see a command prompt, to enter in to root directory there type in “CD\”, after this you have to type the keyword CD followed by the directory name “ CD Test”.

• Now you have to type “copy /b image.jpg + Hidden.rar image.ipg” and then press enter. Please check the extension very carefully whether its .ZIP or .RAR, because you have to mention that its extension as well in the command prompt. By doing this picture file would be updated with the compressed archive inside.

Now if you desire to ascertain your concealed document easily you have to change the elongation to .Rar, you can use WinRar to open this file. There is furthermore another way to open this document that is you have to right bang on the JPG, and then choose the open with WinRar option. The method is entire and now you are adept to conceal your documents by yourself. Isn’t it attractive easy and the most protected method? As the facts and numbers will be retained in the pattern of simple text. The name appears kind of strange and intriguing and still it’s possible. It won’t be an unanswered question that How tohide files in JPEG pictures? Any more. So hold grinning and relish this by distributing yourpersonal files from everyone.



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