Thursday, September 30, 2010

Minoru 3D Webcam

If you thought that the pricy webcam you had brought back from your vacation abroad was the ultimate, it is time to think again! There might be other options around and these may just beat the one you bought in terms of performance. Take, for instance, the Minoru 3D webcam, which comes loaded with fabulous features. There's Vlogging and the 3D webcam. This webcam has two cameras that take two video feeds in a slightly offset parallax, and combines them into a red/blue anaglyph that is backwards compatible to the 2D display of today. What's more, you get as many as five pairs of 3D glasses. The resolution is as high as 800x600 at 30 fps and it works as a normal webcam and can take 3D photos just as easily. Price of this product around Rs. 4000 apprx.


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