Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chat with Yahoo! and MSN Buddies using Google Account

With many friends around the world have forced each of us is that the use of multiple messaging clients such as broken or consolidated in contact with everyone. However, the introduction of Google Talk, and subsequent leap in popularity. You can use the Google Talk chat directly from your browser when you access your Gmail account.
Now, users of Google Talk to use Yahoo and MSN and ICQ friends chatting with a simple software. It is known as PSI. You can download it, and Google Talk, which can be downloaded from Install these two chat clients and go the next step.

Launch Psi and  Add Account  window, Psi (if using the first boot), the Google Talk, please indicate the name and you do not select the box next to Register a new account. Click  Add . Alternatively, if you are already using Psi, you can right-click onTHE Psi symbol in the taskbar, go to your ISP and select Account Setup. Account Properties window appears, and then you need to enter your full Gmail address in Jabber ID. Mark the connection automatically at startup automatically disconnected when boxing.
Click Connection. Check the encryption SSL (the server). The Port field is automatically set to 5223, which is normal. Check the Ignore SSL warnings, Allow plain-text link, send keep alive packets (for NAT timeouts) and manually set server host / port: boxes. Enter in the lobby and leave the port as the 5223rd If you have any problems with the connection, instead of using port 443.
To connect, simply right-click the name of your main window, go to the state Online.Now Right-click the account name again and click Service Discovery.
Now you have a Jabber transport server that will help communication between Google Talk and you will not find the Google Talk instant messaging applications. A good place to start research on the XMPP federation is at https: / / server and open to Jabber server. shtml. We (the server or can) use transport server for AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN have. Enter your name in the address field (originally named and click  Search .

You can find a list of transport to see installed in the field below. To create your IM account with the right mouse button on one of the servers and select Record.
Enter your user name and password for the service selected and click Register. Psi will ask you to confirm all of
your newly transported contacts in your Google Talk account. After this is done, they’ll all be automatically available through your Google Talk account. You will even be able to add buddiesfrom that service, right from your Google Talk client. To confirm this, open  Google Talk and you will find all the contacts from the other service inside Google Talk buddies list. To add a friend from another service, just make sure that you follow the format screenname@transport_ server_name.dns_name—if the Yahoo ID of your buddy is testacc@, and is the transport server, you should add the contact from within GoogleTalk There have been reported cases of
unreliability of quite a few transport servers, but we found that two mentioned above are quite stable. You should also know that when you use a transport client, you trust your information to a third party server, which you may not like if you are very particular
about your privacy.


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