Monday, October 4, 2010

Use Your Face To Unlock Your Computer

Remembering passwords has never been an easy task and it may get out of hand when we are compelled to remember too many – for our computers, e-mail accounts, bank accounts, social networking sites and so on. In an effort to use secure passwords, we thing up myriad combinations of letters, numbers and special characters. But sometimes, these passwords are so difficult that we forget them ourselves. Well, here is an easy solution – STOP using passwords and give KeyLemon a try. It is a nifty application that is capable of using your image as a password when you log in to your system. After all, nothing can be more secure than your own face and no one can possibly fake it to gain access to your computer. Therefore, you can rest assured that your system is virtually intruder proof.

The application can be downloaded from just click on the ‘Download’ button placed prominently at the centre of the screen and the software will be installed on your system. Now, use the webcam to generate your face model and save it. Next time onwards, you can log in by putting your charming face in front of the cam instead of keying in the password. Also, don’t worry about your face not being recognized. The software is quite efficient and it will never fail to recognize you.  
KeyLemon snaps a picture and stores it locally whenever one logs in to the system. This serves as an extra layer of security and helps track if anyone else has tried to access the computer in you r absence. With KeyLemon up and running, all your crucial data remain safe and logging in to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account becomes more secure. In case you are not too happy with the way KeyLemon works, you can always switch back to the old windows interface and log in with a password.
At present, KeyLemon supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 platforms. There are also certain specifications regarding the webcam use. For instance, if your webcam is in use by another application such as Skype or MSN, KeyLemon will not be able to access it. The system has been successfully tested for all webcams launched over the last two years. So you are not likely to face any compatibility problem while using KeyLemon. As you may have already guessed, such high end security and total convenience come with a price tag and you have to pay $19.95 to install Keylemon. However, you are entitled to 25 free logins during the trial period. So, go ahead and try it. Use your face to unlock your system and password protection will be passé soon. 


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