Friday, October 1, 2010

X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker

Many times we end up buying complicated playing equipment that only disappoints us by the pip squeaks rising from them. So, here's a little speaker that will amaze you with its shockingly loud sound. Speak of Lilliputs with roaring vicals and here is one such instruments for you. The  X-mini iHome Capsule Speaker is just the size of  a hen's egg that you can cary with you on the go. It is extremely portable, recharges via uSB and has an awesome backup of 8 hours at full charge. you get the USB cable and a matt bag, along with the really Lilliput sized capsule of 52 gm and a 5.2 mm size. This product cost around Rs. 1250.00.


52mm in diameter
2.4W output
52 grams
Playback time - 4 to 8 hours
Matte black finish
Included USB charging cable, felt bag


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