Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lenovo G560 Laptop Review Price and Specification

Lenovo G560 is a mid-range laptop with 15.5 inch widescreen display. A laptop computer was designed for the average user in mind the basic computer tasks media, such as office programs, word processing, Internet usage, audio, video and some characteristics of the simple game. Lenovo G560 price depends on the quantity and quality of components is chosen at time of purchase. Of the two new entries in the G Series G560 Lenovo has the largest screen size of 15.5 inches. Lenovo G560 Laptop Price: Lenovo G560 Laptop Price is US$700.

It should be noted that although Lenovo G560 is capable of some game programs are limited to those published several years before its release. The laptop hardware consists of 2010 Intel Core line-up, up to 8 GB of RAM, integrated graphics and up to 500 GB of hard disk space. The production system is focused on a thin portable form and include the automatic control system to increase battery life and reduce noise and heat generated by the laptop.

Lenovo G560 Laptop Features and Specification:

dimensions: TBA
weight: TBA
battery life: TBA

15.5 inch widescreen display
Intel Core Processor; Turbo Boost
up to 8GB DDR3 memory
up to 500GB of storage space
Windows 7 Operating System
integrated graphics; HD capable
HDMI connectors for high definition output
Lenovo Energy Management intended to increase battery life
warranty: TBA


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