Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Classic Opera Offers Basic Information On The Control Of Firefox 4

Classic Opera is a cool plug-in is specially designed for Firefox 4, it allows you to close all tabs and more useful in a number of treatment options has opened tabs. When you click on the tab, focus on the tab opened earlier in the queue. You can use Shift + Click shortcut to close tab. You can use certain keywords to refer directly to the search engines. You can use the "g" to start a search on Google. When you close a tab in the queue, you open the previously open tab rather than next to the tab.

Right-click on the link opens in a background tab and so on. You can see the tab you opened earlier, instead of opening the tab on the left. You can go to a previously focused tab close the newly opened tab. In the screenshot below, you can see the Amazon to open a new tab. When you close a tab, you can direct Amazon card previously concentrated.


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