Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FujiFilm JV100 feature and review

Never got that portrait right in spite of your best eforts? Snapshots are often spoilt by people blinking or grimacing. But this 12 mega pixel CCD camera comes with the latest smile detection technology that works extremely well Fujifilm's highly acclaimed face detection sensor does not allow a shot until it detects a smile on the subject's face. Therefore only happy shots can be taken! it also features blink detection that warns you, in case you have capture an image with people blinking. So that you can re-shoot, if necessary.

Fujifilm has not indicated the exact price of the JV series cameras as they only state that the range starts from Rs. 7,799. So we are assuming that JV100 must be priced at Rs. 7,799 and JV150 a bit costlier than that.


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