Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turn Your IPhone into a Pocket Recorder

Gone are the days of the classic Dictaphone and the market seems to be flooded with a variety of digital voice recorders that we can use while on the go. But who wants to carry an additional piece of gizmo when that oversized tote bag is already jam packed with books, gadgets and other bits and pieces? You want an all in one that is handy and smart it is convenient, saves space and saves time as well. But this should not be a problem when high end gadgets like the iPhone are here to serve you in more ways than one. In fact, with the help of a nifty application called SpeakEasy Voice Recorder, you can turn any iPhone into a stage of the art recording studio. And the only glitch? Well, the application is not for free. Apple has distinguished itself by offering minimal numbers of freebies and the SpeakEasy progamme will cost you $1.99 which, of course, is affordable.

To get things rolling, go to the iTunes site and look for the application called SpeakEasy. It will download in a matter of moments and you can start using your Smartphone as a versatile recording and you can start using your Smartphone as a versatile recording and playback device. The application comes with a beautifully animated and intuitive user interface with large, easy to use touch buttons. What’s more, you can add pictures. Comments or title to any recording that you make.  During the recording, as well as the playback process, you can also choose to pause and restart the system as per your won convenience.
But what will happen if you get a call on your iPhone while you are busy recording? Don’t worries, though, as you can take the call and retain your good work at the same time. SpeakEasy comes with an interruption protection system that enables you to continue the recording once you are through with the call. You also get the facility of unlimited recording length. Best of all, this system allows you to turn random recordings into a custom time the phone rings. So, what can be better than that? Also, if chance. Use the SpeakEasy system to e-mail your musical pours in. You can even turn the interface upside down for easy transferred to your desktop or laptop via Wi-Fi. So, get going today – its audio time, folks!


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