Sunday, August 22, 2010

Use SEND SHIELD to Wipe off Private Data

Can you think of a digital existence without e-mail attachments? We send and receive countless mail attachments every day, but are you sure that every attachment that leaves your system is cleansed of all private data? For instance, Microsoft Word has the ‘Track Changes’ option which allows users to recommend, make changes and mark their comments in the same documents in the same document. However, the final version will contain all changes /recommendations marked in the document. If this file is to be sent as attachments, the recipient will gain access to the entire ‘change’ history. Now, that is something you would not like if your primary intention is to send an edited and clean version of the file. 

Enter SendShield – the most comprehensive solution to your problem. It is basically an Outlook plug-in that scans your attachments fro tack changes, comments, hidden worksheets and formulas, embedded Excel data and much more. It any of these elements is found, the system will furnish a warning message and enable you to strip the document of all private data, not meant for other eyes. You can download a month long trial version of SendShield from Once the download is complete and you run the wizard, the programme’s plug in will be installed in your Outlook.

This nifty tool comes in handy when you want to clear all hidden data, built into an attachment. As soon as you attach the text to the e-mail, a red bar will appear over the body text, showing a list of hidden data. All personal details in your attachment will show up in yellow. If anything, this sort of colour coded alerts makes things easier for average users. To clean up the attachment, select the hyperlink on the left of the SendShield alert and choose you cleaning option. The alert will automatically turn green indication that all hidden data have been removed.

As of now, SendShield is only compatible with systems powered by Windows XP and Vista. You will also require Office 2003 or Office 2007 to run this wonder wizard. And once the trial period is over, you will have to purchase the official version to continue with these benefits. The standard version will cost you $49.95 while you will have to shell out $59.95 for a professional copy, which comes with additional features like creation of PDF documents right from your Outlook. Best of all, it allows you to tweak around with the software features, so that you can specify what kind of hidden data need to be blocked. If you are really too concerned about privacy issues, you really need this kind of application to clean up your attachments.


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