Thursday, August 12, 2010

Use MS Word to make colorful flyers

You have a big occasion coming up a birthday party, a housewarming ceremony or may be an office gathering that you want to publicise. Of course, you can spread the news by word of mouth or send e-mail messages. But another thing that will do the trick is to send out a flyer and announce the event in style. If anything, a well-designed flyer is an absolute sine qua non for promoting a party, event or gathering. Luckily, it is now possible to use Microsoft Word online and create a fantastic flyer within a few minutes. Here is a step by step guide to help you out.

1.     Point your browser at

From the list of tabs at the top, click on ‘Templates’. The template window will open instantly.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen till ou reach a set of links under the ‘Browse Templates’ category. Click on the ‘flyers’ link located in the second vertical row.

As of now, Microsoft Office Online is offering Flyers only in four categories: Event, Marketing, Real Estate and Others. However, you are sure to find whatever you need in this gigantic list.

Let us say, you want to create a flyer under the ‘Events’ category. For this, you can start by clicking on the ‘Events’ link.

You will be transported to another page that lists hundreds of possible flyers. Choose from here what best suits your requirement.

Once you select the flyer type, you will get a preview of the same. If you like what you see, download it to your system?

By default, the downloaded flyer will open as a Word document. However, you must have MS Office 2007 installed in your system to use this feature.

In the new document, highlight the flyer text and change the content as per your requirement. You may also add an image by right clicking on the sample picture and choosing the option ‘Change Picture’.

Once the image and the text are placed, save the flyer under a new name.

Your flyer is now ready for use. Yu can e-mail it to all your friends and colleagues or embed it on your social networking page/blog. You can also take colour prints of your flyer and sent it to your friends and loved ones. Flyer designing is quite intriguing. You will surely have a good time creating one.


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