Friday, September 10, 2010

Tips to Backup computer data

If you do have to work as a team, you know, with the convenience of the risk of data loss through a variety of problems. Power outages, equipment failure, downtime, and pirates, who can with the virus, you leave all your efforts in cyberspace drain spiral.
Do not wait for the next accident of fate that surprised. Take steps to protect your work and keep it safe from disasters.

1st Make copies of text documents often. Some experts recommend that every thirty minutes, while others say that every hour or two is enough. Depending on the amount that you are using the Internet, you can publish your work by clicking the  Save  to save fairly often, prevention is better than cure.
This is especially true if the document is lengthy or important. Do not take the risk of losing hours of your precious time.
2nd Save your files on discs reliably. Some discs that you buy at the store can be easy or not for one reason or another plant.
When I get home, try some to see if there are data to try to save it contains. If they do, they return to the place of purchase for an exchange or refund. Do not wait to try their cases when needed, and can not work for you.

3rd Use both hard disk and a floppy disk. Do not rely on a single location to save your work. Anyone can fail at any time, and you have to show anything. Save both hard disk and a floppy disk. Label the disk to avoid future confusion with clear and direct. Store discs in a dust free environment, preferably with a lid to keep intact and easy to use, the time will come.

4th Print out a copy. In addition to the hard drive and a copy on the hard disk, print a hard copy of this document or file contents. Keep in a safe place that you have designated for that purpose. It is not something in print, if you do not know where to find them, if necessary. Label files clearly and create an organized filing system of copies needed, see later.

5th Keep your computer hardware and software. Learn how to clean your machine once a year. Better yet, hire an expert to do it for you. This could include a keyboard and monitor and motherboard and computer chips inside. Cords and auxiliary links, such as a computer must be of good quality in order to reduce the risk of damage or breakage.

6th Install a reliable anti-virus software. can detect and remove McAfee and other programs, and harmful viruses from your computer. Scan all messages and e-mail programs are not safe to any threat of pollution and the loss of data removed. If this function checks if you take your computer for annual maintenance.

Protect your data in these areas and in other ways not to waste the end of hours of hard work.



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